DJ Rhodekewl – AKA Jamie Page
Label :Co2 Recordings
From :———-/Bangkok, Thailand

Rhodekewl has played in some of the most prestigious places around the world including stints in such hotspots as London, Canada, Greece, France, Australia, Ibiza, Spain .Going by the name JD Page for a number of years before he sadly left the scene in 2005 for four years of travel and turbulence, playing ( and holding ) a prestigious residency with the world famous HALO Promotion nights in those years as well as playing in some of the most famous clubs in the world.

He has since settled in Bangkok …Thailand… and…as well as concentrating more and more on production releases he still craves the chance to play at any number of clubs worldwide.
Clubs Played

The Ministry of Sound (UK), The Cross (UK), Fabric (UK), Turnmills (UK), Trade (UK), Bagleys (UK), Pacha (UK & Ibiza) The Glasshouse ( UK ), Astoria ( UK )
Café Del Mar (Ibiza), Café Mambo (Ibiza)
Kings Cross Hotel (Australia) and Many More

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