Label :Co2 Recordings
From :G———/M——–, Slovenia

Denis Radić aka Tricky_D was born on the 15.7.1982 and is a underground electronic music Dj/Producer based in Slovenija.

Dj Tricky_D began his musical journey in 2002 when he had his first opportunity to appear before a biger crowd in a local club Atlantida in Slovenska Bistrica. At that time he was performing under the pseudonym PUMPING FLASH, playng Techno and Hard Techno.

In 2004 he becomes a member of the Ateam Party Organisation and so begins to apear in many clubs all over Slovenia. After years of experimenting with different genres of electronic music he developes his own style and technique and limites his choice of music to TECH – HOUSE, MINIMAL TECHNO and HOUSE.

In 2006, he and his DJ friends join forces in a organisation caled The Homegrown Crew
and start organizing events and promoting electronic music in their local area.

He played in many clubs all over Slovenija: Club Africa (Trebnje), Casablanca (Celje), Club Music Hall (Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina), Festival of Love (Lake Farovec), Impulse (Maribor), Supernova (Maribor), Club Soft (Novak in Poljčane ) Coffee Shop (Rogaška Slatina), Club La Loca (Celje), Atlantis (Slovenska Bistrica), MKC KREŠ (Slovenska Bistrica) Orange Bar (Poljčane ),…

In the year 2011 he starts to mess around with a production software called FL Studio. He loves to create music that plays in his head and wants that people hear it. He was infuenced by the sounds of Mastiksoul, Oxia, Acumen, Thomas Schumacher, Superflu, and many others, and he has no musical education, but makse his music by ear, what allows him to express himself in his way.

After a short time he makes his first releas (Human Machine EP) on Tainted Buddah Records from Barcelona (ESP), which owner is Jose Chamacho. This label is fresh, young, and open to all genres and styles of electronic music, seeking, promoting and publishing hidden talented artists.

With time his music gets beter and he gets more support from other artists and record labels. The confirmation that he is on the right way comes when Co2Recordings from Amsterdam (NL) and House Park Records from Rome (ITA) offer him to release some of his new tracks.

Tricky D – Rumble in the Jungle (Original Mix) CO2 RECORDINGS

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