Hello people,

First of all I’m on time to wish you all the best for thsi new year 2012, lots of good energy for you and people you love of course.
Here we are at Co2 Recordings we where never away, but we was busy following what next have to happen at Co2 Recordings and Co2 Artist’s release with us.

We are now giving more power to possible dedicated parties where we would like to include our artist of course and give you the chance to come and play your music,

in our beautifull city of Amsterdam, meet us and have a good time !!! So keep work on your music, deliver all the time new music productions, I mean dont be STATIC,
keep action and show that is your thrue life passion work with music, then we can reach our goal together !!!

Now here at Co2 Recordings we are launching a new powerfully Dub music production, from our artist Mister Black and his GWAN GET NASTY – supported by a re-edit of DnC Groove.

Release date 16 January 2012 available at your best digital distributor like I-Tunes,Amazon,Nokia,ID&T,Beatport and many more.


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