Star Traveller is an rising talent in the electronic music scene. Born on Rio de Janeiro , Brazil , Lucas Pires first discovered electronic music while he was listening to radio , immediately he fell in love with such beautiful melodies and synths and soon discovered the many genres that E-Music provides.
With a immesureable love for Trance music , at age 14 he realized that his love for electronic music was not only by listening it , it was also something that he wanted to make. His journey started when he was introduced to an sequencer and began to jam some beats with his friends.
Getting a few gigs here and there , Star Traveller began his small career as a DJ , usually playing in small parties and DJing for friends. Without much success , Lucas thought it was time to get back on track and resume the production business, with more wisdom and skill , Star Traveler improved his productions with ease , in this rate he was an already accomplished producer and developed an even bigger motivation to continue producing electronic music.
In December 2011 he got a chance to play on an End of Year Event in a radio and did not disappoint , with his great mixing abilities he could not leave the DJ inside him and started spinning some tunes again in many parties held by friends.
With patience he finally got around the scene , first by getting a remix out on “ABTC Recordings” and a single hit on “CO2 Recordings , with many more to come , Star Traveller says that this was only the beginning !!


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