Co2 Recordings @ PACHA DOWNLOAD

Co2 Recordings partnered with Pacha Download, one of the world’s biggest dance music brands, to launch Pacha Download, a white-label version of the Juno Download store.

Pacha Download, which launches this week, is a great opportunity for our label to reach new markets and increase sales of both new and back catalogue download releases.

As a brand, Pacha has been at the forefront of the Ibiza scene for decades, gradually spreading across the world with a record label, cool merchandising and club franchises. Stephen Glen Hulme of Pacha Recordings explains their move into the download market: “Digital Stores are now part of everyday life, but outside of one or two existing sites they all seemed to me to be directed first and foremost to DJs and trendsetters rather than the general public. My belief is that the general public are a bit intimidated by the DJ based stores and so I wanted an open store that music fans could enter and shop inside, without peer pressure so to speak.”

The new white-label store will be hosted at, but content will be stored by Juno. All preview clips, artwork, release data and full length audio files will be stored on PACHA servers, and customers will download their tracks directly from Juno too.

All Co2 Recordings releases will be available for sale on Pacha Download at the same time that they are made available for download on Juno’s store. All takedown and amendment requests sent to Juno will be actioned automatically on Pacha Download. Both online real-time sales reporting in Juno’s LMS and your monthly sales statements will report sales from the Pacha store as they do for other white-label stores supported by Juno.

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