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We are proud to announce to everyone that from now Co2 Recordings will include chart’s on Beatport website.
If you would like to include on Beatport your personal music chart please, send us the following :

Criteria for chart submissions

1. Chart title must include DJ name, e.g. ‘DJ X’s Beatport Chart’
2. Chart title must include actual image of DJ and not a logo, or graphically produced substitute
3. Charts must by DJ based and not label based, ‘i.e. X Records Top Tracks’ will not be accepted
4. Chart image must be square 500×500 minimum
5. E-mail
6. Link to your Beatport artist page
7. Chart name
8. Chart Desciption
9. Select 10 tracks and include the following track info :
Track ID*
Artist Name
Track Title
Mix Name
Label Name

Thats all guys,

please send all the info to Send an email to Co2 Recordings!


DNC GROOVE CHART beatport 12/2011.

CO2 Recordings – Download at Beatport

CO2 Recordings – Download at Beatport

CO2 Recordings official download page at Beatport, you can find 320 MP3 and WAV file formats.
Beatport is the recognized leader in electronic dance music downloads and since 2006 we release proudly at Beatport.
Buy from our music catalogue our last release. Digital downloads from loads of digital tracks,mixes, albums and DJ Charts.

Check out this Beatport .

CO2 Recordings :: Labels Wiki |

Beatportal Beatportal .