Co2 Recordings organize the remix label contests of electronic music  production of our own artist roster and artist from all over the music world!!

Why remix ?

Because we want to give the chance to our label artist and of course new artist to meet our artist label and be able to make a remix of our releases and third part involved on our music releases.

For our Co2 recordings is a nice way of promoting our music and the artist catalogue,discovering ofcourse new talented producers to release at our digital record label. By the other hand, it’s a great way for music producers to get exposed by our label and worldwide distribuited with our distribution channel, I-Tunes,beatport,ID&T,Juno Download,Jamba,Nokia Ovi,Amazon,Virgin,EMusic,Rhapsody,Vodafone,Last FM,Deezer,Track It Down,7Digital,Traxsource,Napster,Shazam and many more……., besides the opportunity to work with professional people and get the chance to win fantastic prizes .

Co2 Recordings only works with quality artists around the planet that we believe and that we find suitable for our record label, passion for the music is essential, we make professionals not stars, çouse you’re all a STAR for us. Now we  focused on quality and only work with artists,radios,clubs,entertainment organiztions,festivals,sponsors.

What genres do you feature?

We love Electro/Progressive/House/Techno/Minimal/Dub …………

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