Co2 Recordings is a on-line record label busy in the music market with music styles like electro,house,progressive,techno,minimal,dub…. we work hard because we believe that our passion for music, first of all, is the essence and the key for a good relation with the music planet, talents are born and professionals are made, we are glad to be part of this world, we support,promote and give power to upcoming music talents from all over the world and we try to build a solid collaboration between artist/record label, some times there is not the match and happens also that we must send away other artist because they did not match to our selection line.

We offer a music platform where promote your best music productions and showcase to the people your music to entertain them thrue radio,clubs and every where where music is needed, your job is make music our job is distribuite them thrue the best digital distributors around the world like Beatport,Amazon,ITunes,Junodownload,Traxsource and other 80 around the planet.

Our distribution touch from Asia to north and south America and of course the whole Europe, we provide graphic design and press-releases to promote before each release then we release exclusive the first 2 of 4 weeks at I-Tunes and Beatport and after that time we release globally.

We are working on many different interesting new artist and releases, we have already gain more exposure on social media like facebook and twitter and we have build several new pages all to visit.

we are always looking for new talents to release at our label so dont waith and send your DEMO today to co2rec@hotmail.com

For more info you can contact all th etime Co2 Recordings by email at co2rec@hotmail.com

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