Co² Recordings  was set up in 2005 to focus ,developing and promoting artists who is busy with electro,progressive,trance and house sound. Co² Recordings is a Dutch imprint company founded in 2001 by DnC Groove . Co² Recordings impressively prolific output and loyal following means the label is now regarded as one of the world’s estabilished record label. With past releases with well knows artists like Ian Carey,Hardsoul,Sharon May Linn,DnC Groove ,Mister Black,Jaywax and many other artist Co² Recordings as a reconisable record label in the music market Co² Recordings distribuited world wide thrue I-Tunes,Amazon,Beatport,Traxsource,Juno,Youtube and many more and as already reach top chart around the world.
Co² Recordings is always looking for new artists to release so if you produce music of if you know someone that as got talents on music production then let send us an email to  co2rec@hotmail.com 


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